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OnlineSlots.Ltd was created by true slots fanatics. As the internet broke through, and online casinos started launching on the web, the evolution of online slots have been spectacular. Software companies like Net Entertainment and Microgaming have pushed the limits when it comes to slots, and if you compare the online slots that were around 5 years ago to those that are being launched today, it’s easy to see the difference. As online slots have become extremely popular in the gaming world, we decided to create this website, where slots fans from all corners of the world can learn more about the games. At OnlineSlots.Ltd you’ll find news stories, recommendations, game reviews and everything else related to the games we all know and love.

Why you should hit progressive slots with your free spins mega-fortune-dreams-symbol

Everywhere you look these days it’s free spins, and more free spins. They are the bonus of the moment, as they allow all players to gamble for free. When issued by a no deposit casino, free spins no deposit required are quite literally handed out quick and often. While the quality of a free spins no deposit bonus can’t be denied, at the end of the day they allow you to gamble on online slots without charge, in order to maximise their potential they must be used in the correctly. Helping you along the way, in this guide we will look at the one online slots format that is undoubtedly deserving of your attention. Progressive slots represent the future, so here is why it is time to get on board with them.

The jackpots keep growing

The reason that these online slots games come with the progressive mantel is because with every wager made within such game the overall prize pot grows as a result. Due to this growth what occurs is that the jackpot in place “progresses” until someone is lucky enough to secure a win, which usually occurs at random. Once the jackpot is claimed, the game reverts back to a based level and the growth pattern begins all over again. Players are happy to commit free spins to progressive games largely for the fact that the associated jackpots regularly rank within the seven-figure range. Instant millionaires are often made through such games, which helps make them perfect free spins fodder.

mega-fortune-2When these games first gate-crashed the market, many slapped them with the label fad, how wrong that label would prove to be. This is because when compared to standard slot games in 2016 there really is no contest. For starters a regular slot machine is often set in its ways. All around the web, if you know the developer you are probably already aware of the online slots experience you’ll find within one of their titles before you even sit down to play. Fixed amount, rigid features, and a fun, yet somewhat predictable playing experience is generally what’s expected. Progressive online slots games put a fresh twist on the reel gaming concept, largely as the games prove to be much more expansive that their standard counterparts. What is meant by that is that such games often encompass so much more that just the “paint by numbers” approach. Bonus games, additional free spins, various hidden depths, along with obvious jackpot implications often work to set them apart. We can recommend that you go to, if you’re looking to learn more about what’s available on todays market. They have a huge selection of slots reviews, where you can try most games out for free, and also a large selection of promotions and offers related to their slot machines.

Networked and generally charged up to the max, progressive slots games are attention grabbing to say the very least. Progressive online slots are headline stealing, but they are not games without challenges. In the spirit of honesty it must be said that winning a progressive jackpot is something that very few are every able to do, as the odds are long. While it is should noted that progressive jackpots, while growing in availability, are still not widespread across the online casino landscape. However, that being said, the odds to claim other jackpots when you use your free spins within a progressive slots game are actually pretty good. When you partner that up with what else these truly gigantic games have to offer, it becomes pretty clear why you should hit progressive slots hard with your free spins at every available opportunity.

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